• Payments for all consular services are accepted in CASH ONLY

  • Feel free to print the information in this section according to your needs.

  • Please follow the instructions as precisely as possible in order to provide all the documents of your applications.

  • Fill the appropriate form for each application. (Refer to the Forms section)

 - Marriage Registration (English/Arabic)                Visas

 - Birth Registration (English/Arabic)                       Naturalisation of Spouse

 - Divorce Registration (English/Arabic)                  Will Legalisation

 - Death Registration (English/Arabic)                     Shipping Furniture & Items

 - Remains Repatriation                                           - Medical Report Authentication

 - Passport Issuing (no longer renewable)              - Schools & Universities

 - Loss of Passport                                                   - Commercial Invoices

 - File Generation                                                     - Powers of Attorney


  • Download the correct form for the required service.

  • Fill the appropriate form for each application.

  • Be sure to bring your form with the required documents. If necessary, photos according to each application.

  • Please verify that the forms are filled in with the most accurate data.


 - Consular-File Application Form

 - A1 (Civil Status & passport Application Forms)

 - Visa Application

 - Consent Form

 - Lebanese Citizenship Acquirement form (Form N)

 - A2 (Power of Attorney, Military Service, Diverse authentication)

Consular Fees

  • Check the Fees for each service.

  • The Consulate will not accept private cheques, credit cards or debit cards for services rendered in the Consulate. Only cash (AUS dollars) is accepted to process your demands.

  - Consular Fees

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