The consulate will be closed Tuesday to Thursday (20, 21 and 22 July 2021) for the occasion of Eid-Al-Adha

تقفل هذه البعثة مكاتبها خلال المدة الممتدة من الثلاثاء لغاية الخميس (20، 21 و 22 تموز 2021) لمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك

Australian Department of Home Affairs 
Vital information for Visa Holders during Covid-19


The Consulate General of Lebanon in Sydney 

Australian citizens and permanent residents cannot travel overseas due to COVID-19 restrictions. Dual nationals, or foreign nationals with permanent residency status in Australia, need to secure an exemption from the ABF Commissioner before they can leave Australia, even if using the passport of their other nationality. Individuals can apply online for an exemption on the Department of Home Affairs website:

Applications should include as much detailed information and supporting documentation as possible. For example, individuals should include proof that they do not usually reside in Australia through evidence of working arrangements, school/university enrolments or property ownership. The application should include other compelling and compassionate grounds as appropriate, including details on the reasons compelling the individual to travel – for example, care for elderly parents who live overseas, other family circumstances or medical issues. Any supporting documentation to verify family relationships and other claims will help to strengthen their case.

Due to the current situation resulting from the spread of Corona virus (COVID-19) and to minimize the risks, this Mission kindly asks the Lebanese community members in NSW to note that:

  • Not to attend the offices of the Consulate General unless an appointment is in place (appointment hours are 9:30am to 1:00pm Monday to Friday)

  • You may contact us for an appointment by email only on: making sure to attach all necessary documents relevant to your enquiries, the nature of your required consular service and your contact details in full.

  • For strictly urgent matters, you are able to contact us during working hours on: 0499 176 054.

  • You are reminded that upon your attendance at the consulate premises to kindly follow all instructions imposed by the Australian authorities to maintain safety measures amidst the current virus pandemic.

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تجميد وكالات البيع أو الوعد بالبيع أو عقود البيع الممسوحة في المناطق العقارية التالية: المرفأ  - الصيفي - المدوّر والرميل

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