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Important Announcements

Tendering for contracts in "MAILING SERVICES" in Lebanon  Details


The Museum of the Lebanese diaspora The inauguration of the museum was established in Lebanon as a result of the LDE Summit held in Lebanon in May 2018, If any of the NSW Lebanese community members wish to participate by providing helpful material (Videos, Audios, Photographs etc.....), please do not hesitate to contact the Lebanese Consulate-General in Sydney on:  CG message

 قررت المديرية العامة للامن العام اللبناني التوقف عن استقبال طلبات جوازات السفر البيومترية اعتبارا من ١٥/٩/٢٠٢٢ وحتى اشعار اخر، على أن يتقدم حامل هذه الجوازات بطلب الحصول على جواز سفر جديد من النموذج الالكتروني (نموذج 2003)

لمدة 5 سنوات حصراً.

The Lebanese General Directorate of the General Security has decided to stop receiving requests for biometric passports effective from 15 September 2022 until further notice.

Hence, the holder of such passports should apply for the electronic form of new passport (Form 2003) which would be valid for a period of 5 years exclusively.

Letter No.    كتاب رقم:   81514/اع/و/م ر

                                               Coronavirus matters and standard precautionary measures are circulated by the Lebanese authorities: Details


General Announcements

1-  Please note that due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the offices will now close to the public at all times until further notice. You may call us on 02-93278400 to get an answer

     to your queries automatically by following the prompts. you may also email us to for assistance in consular matters by including your contact numbers

     where an appointment will be granted for your presence in person at the offices will depend on the level of urgency of your required consular assistance.

2-  Please note that your presence at the offices without an allocated appointment could deem you legally liable where severe penalties by the local police force may apply.

3-  The Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education has established a website link which has in details all requirements and conditions for overseas students to continue their higher

     education in Lebanon CG message

4-  The University of ST Joseph in Beirut launches the 2020 issue of: the Michel Edde Doctorate Award for the value of US$10,000.00 تعميم إلى كافة البعثات الدبلوماسية في الخارج . Details
5-  Due to the limited reception area of the office, you are reminded to avoid accompanying any persons not needed for your consular formalities.
6-  Important circular about Lebanese retirees abroad Details

7-  The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism has established a website link which has in details all required information about tourism in Lebanon. CG message

8-  Regulation No. 41 Dated 24 November 2015 - Reclaiming your Lebanese Citizenship. CG message - Application Form

9-  The Lebanese citizens are now able to access Real Estate services online at: - CG message

10- Lebanon inaugurates the Lebanese Emigrants Museum in June 2019  Details


Official Lebanese Announcements

474 : Pensioners Documentation
622 : Reminder for the Military Service for holders of a Temporary Exemption approaching 30 years of age.
695 : Annulment of Power of Attorney
700 : The Annual Camp for the Immigrant Youths.
729 : Renewal of the Titles of Land in the Mount Lebanon Area.
957 : Authorisation for the Lebanese Automotive Club to the issuing of the International Driving License.

Suite 308, Edgecliff Centre

203-233 New South Head Rd


Phone  61 2 9327 8400

Fax      61 2 9327 8722


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